by A Spiral Diamond

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For this project, I decided to make a 4-track EP made entirely from sounds I had recorded myself. I had numerous aims for this - the main goal was to see what I could create if I limited myself in a certain way, as I had heard that limitation can often make an artist much more resourceful and imaginative. The second aim was to learn about recording, for example how to use an audio interface and a microphone properly, microphone positions etc. Thirdly, more as an interest than a goal, I wanted to see how my music would turn out stylistically if I used a completely different palette of sound. Finally, I wanted to return to using more of my guitar-playing in my compositions as I found that what I wrote sounded a lot more natural than just clicking in notes in a DAW. I feel that I have achieved these goals and found that I now approach my usual composition in a much more resourceful way. Also, it has made me think about my creative process overall and how I can go about improving my songwriting, not just with recordings.

The reason I chose to make a 4-track EP in particular is that I also wanted to set myself a challenge to not only try and make something engaging and interesting out of the little resources I had, but also to make something cohesive, that worked well as a whole as well as individual tracks. To do this, I further limited what I could use to create sound to just a few key objects which I tried to use in as many different ways as possible. For example, in ‘Overlap’ I used a relatively un-processed recording of a set of keys as a hi-hat, whereas in ‘100000’ I pitch-shifted the same recording down significantly to fit the downbeat tone of the song and add an interesting texture. Much of the EP is made out of sounds processed to be completely different in this way.


released April 21, 2013



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A Spiral Diamond Bath, UK

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